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  • check_circle The #1 rule of career and business success in a rapidly changing, hyper-competitive world (as used by Elon Musk, Gates, Oprah, and other learning luminaries)
  • check_circle Why the world will change 4x faster in 20 years, according to Google’s futurist (in fact, we will be hit by a “technological tsunami” in the next five years)
  • check_circle How to overcome information overwhelm (the No. 1 reason why most learners fall behind, and fail to get real-world results from their learning)
  • check_circle How to find knowledge that gives you a competitive edge (and ultimately transforms your life)
  • check_circle A stunningly simple memorization strategy that Greeks and Romans used to remember what they learned (that is also backed by science)
  • check_circle How to go from absorbing information to creating real-world results with anything you’ve learned (a four-step accelerated learning process that is also used by artificial intelligence)
  • check_circle A proven tip to immediately find time for learning every day (even if you're busy, overwhelmed, tired)
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